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Technical Advisors Committee

Country Namesort descending Title
US United States Sandi Rios Contact
CZ Czech Republic Iva Rejlová Contact
BE Belgium Nancy Deelkens Contact
NO Norway Elisabeth Slotsvik Kleive WBTF Technical Committee Vice-Chair, Technical Executive Committee Technical Vice-Chair Contact
AU Australia Sonia Johnson Contact
IE Ireland Susan Troy Contact
RU Russian Federation Olga Yurchenko Contact
SE Sweden Jenny Persson Technical Executive Committee Member-At-Large Contact
IT Italy Paola DeMarchi WBTF Technical Committee Chair, Technical Executive Committee Technical Chair Contact
NL Netherlands Patrick Noortheim Contact
DE Germany Sabrina Irion Contact
SI Slovenia Sara Bevcar Contact
NO Norway Lisa Thomassen Sæther Contact
HR Croatia Iva Glibo Contact
CH Switzerland Anna Compaoré Contact
CA Canada Maureen Johnson Technical Executive Committee Coaches Vice-Chair, WBTF Honorary Member Contact
BR Brazil Bruno Pelochs-Barbino Contact
JP Japan Tamiko Okoshi Contact
FR France Jean Michelle Ruelle Technical Executive Committee Coaches Chair Contact
unknown England Jo Ann Robertson Technical Executive Committee Judges Vice-Chair Contact
unknown Scotland Elaine Campbell Contact
IT Italy Massimo Scotti Contact
ES Spain Ramon Hernandez Contact


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