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Certified Judges & Clinicians

Country Name Certification Effective Date Certification Expiry Date Clinician
JP Japan Hitomi Watanabe Contact August, 2004 January, 2020
JP Japan Mayumi Watanuki Contact October, 2011 January, 2020
CA Canada Shannon Webster Contact May, 2015 January, 2019
US United States Dale White Contact February, 1996 January, 2020 Clinician
US United States Sandi Wiemers Contact December, 1995 January, 2020 Clinician
CA Canada Kyla Wilson Contact August, 2011 January, 2018
DE Germany M Wolein Contact August, 2008 January, 2013
JP Japan Keiko Yamaguchi Contact October, 2010 January, 2020
IE Ireland Linda Yates Contact January, 2017 January, 2021
CA Canada Mandy Yip Contact February, 2012 January, 2016
JP Japan Terumi Yogo Contact August, 2007 January, 2020
JP Japan Kumiko Yokoyama Contact August, 2004 January, 2020
JP Japan Makiko Yoshioka Contact May, 2015 January, 2020
JP Japan Yasuyo Yumiya Contact May, 1997 January, 2020
IT Italy Germana Zanini Contact July, 1998 January, 2020 Clinician



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